The WEAVE Team

The project organisation and structure has been established to facilitate effective communication within the Project Team and between the Project Team and the Project Board.  This is achieved by a small team, the Project Executive, that has overall responsibility for delivering the project.  The Project Executive consists of the Project PI, the Co-PIs, the national PIs, and includes other complementary roles.  Each PI has the responsibility for monitoring work that has been assigned to the country that they represent and for reporting back to the Project Executive.

The Project PI is responsible for providing an interface between the Project Board and the Project Executive.  The Project Team is divided into nine technical teams, one for each subsystem that needs to be produced to deliver the final instrument.  Each technical team is managed by a System Manager who reports to the Project Manager who, in turn, reports to the Project PI. 

Project Executive

Science Team

Engineering Team

Project Management Team responsibilities (password protected)

Project Management Team structure

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