This is the WEAVE Development space.  It’s only accessible to the WEAVE Project Team and will not be published.  Readers can select other Confluence pages from the sidebar on the left or select an item from the WEAVE dropdown menu above.

The sidebar is always visible in this space unless it has been specifically disabled for a particular page.  Users should be aware that depending on their access rights they may have a reduced set of options within the sidebar.  In the published WEAVE space, the sidebar is always disabled.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen there’s the “Space Tools” menu.  Standard users will see three options in this menu; the “Overview”, the “Content Tools” and the “Reorder pages”.  The “Overview” option provides more information about the Confluence space.  The “Content Tools” menu provides options to, for example; identify pages that are not linked to another page; identify any page that has been linked from within Confluence, but does not yet exist; and to manage attachments.  The “Reorder pages” option allows the user to reorder pages with respect to other pages.


Below are a series of images taken during the third WHT stand down. The purpose of the stand down was to remove the flip ring and mount the Focus Translation System (FTS). This was a very successful process and the images show the FTS with the vanes and the Central Can connected to the dummy corrector, dummy rotator and the dummy Fibre Positioner.
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