General guidelines for Science Team members

Joining the WEAVE Science Team

As of July 2019, the WEAVE Consortium is composed of the three ING member countries (Spain, UK, the Netherlands), CNRS-INSU in France, INAF in Italy, as well as several institutes and individuals who have bought into the WEAVE Project.

Who can join?

WEAVE Science Team membership is available to those with affiliations in/at the following member countries/institutes:

  • ING member country: Spain, UK, the Netherlands
  • France (CNRS-INSU-affiliated institutes)
  • INAF affiliated institutes in Italy + Fundación Galileo Galilei – INAF, Fundación Canaria

If you are a postdoc or PhD student of someone who has bought into WEAVE as an individual from outside of the countries/institutes listed above, please speak to your supervisor first before requesting to join WEAVE, as they will need to verify your request.

How to join

Please note that these instructions may change as we approach the start of WEAVE Survey operations. Any updates will be posted here.

  • Anyone wishing to join the WEAVE Science Team should send an email addressed to the relevant Science Team Lead and to Scott Trager (Project Scientist), Cc-ed to Shoko Jin (Deputy Project Scientist) and the relevant national PI (all email addresses provided below). Once the relevant Science Team Lead and the Project Scientist have approved the request, the Deputy Project Scientist will update the public WEAVE Science Team list, at which point the person in question officially becomes an WEAVE Science Team member.
  • The email expressing an interest to join WEAVE should contain a short description of the person's science interests and reasons for wishing to join that particular science team within WEAVE. Requests to join multiple science teams are very welcome, but they should be sent separately and not combined.
  • Please note that the email(s) must be sent by the person requesting to join WEAVE. The exception to this is PhD students, for whom their supervisors may send this request.
  • A short summary of the eight WEAVE surveys –– which together form the overall WEAVE Survey –– is available on the following public Confluence page, with links to pages with more information about each of the surveys individually:

If you are already in WEAVE as a member of one of the science teams and would like to join one of the other teams as well, please also follow this same procedure.

Email addresses

Science Team Leads (STLs):

  • Galactic Archaeology (STL: Vanessa Hill): vanessa.hill [at]
    • for requests to join the Open Clusters team, please send the email to both Antonella Vallenari (antonella.vallenari [at] and Vanessa Hill
  • Stellar, Circumstellar and Interstellar Physics (SCIP; STL: Janet Drew): j.drew [at]
  • White Dwarfs (STL: Boris Gaensicke): boris.gaensicke [at]
  • WEAVE-Apertif (STL: Jesus Falcon-Barroso): jfalcon [at]
  • Galaxy Clusters (STL: J. Alfonso L. Aguerri): jalfonso [at]
  • Stellar Populations at intermediate redshifts Survey (StePS; STL: Angela Iovino): angela.iovino [at]
  • WEAVE-LOFAR (STL: Dan Smith): d.j.b.smith [at]
  • WEAVE-QSO (STL: Mat Pieri): matthew.pieri [at]

National PIs and Co-PIs:

  • UK PI (Gavin Dalton): gavin.dalton [at]
  • ES PI (J. Alfonso L. Aguerri):  jalfonso [at]
  • NL PI (Scott Trager): sctrager [at]
  • FR PI (Piercarlo Bonifacio): piercarlo.bonifacio [at]
  • IT PI (Antonella Vallenari): antonella.vallenari [at]

  • Project Scientist (Scott Trager): sctrager [at]
  • Deputy Project Scientist (Shoko Jin): jin [at]

Questions / further information

For more information or general questions about joining the WEAVE Science Team, please contact Shoko or the relevant Science Team Lead(s) at the email addresses provided above.

For existing WEAVE Science Team members

Informing us of your affiliation change

We count on our Science Team members to provide us with up-to-date information as and when appropriate, whether you are moving (or have moved) to another WEAVE member institute/country or to an institute that is not part of the WEAVE Consortium. In these cases, please send an email to the relevant STL(s), Shoko and Scott, informing us of any (upcoming) changes.

PhD supervisors

Most PhD students finishing their thesis and preparing for their thesis defense will likely have other things on their mind than providing us with information about their future plans!

Please help us by informing us of any upcoming changes in your group in a timely manner, also in cases where a PhD student stays on in your group or the same insitute as a postdoc for some period of time, so that we can update our lists accordingly. Thank you!

Additional requests

  • If you have bought into WEAVE as an individual, please keep us informed of any changes in your WEAVE-affiliated group following the same general procedures as mentioned above. Your postdoc(s) or PhD student(s) are official WEAVE Science Team members only once they are listed in the public WEAVE Science Team list.

  • If you happen to know that someone no longer in a WEAVE member country/institute is still listed on the public WEAVE Science Team list, please help us keep our lists up-to-date by emailing Shoko and Scott. Thanks!

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