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        .jssorb01 div { background-color: gray; }
        .jssorb01 div:hover, .jssorb01 .av:hover { background-color: #d3d3d3; }
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        .jssora05l { background-position: -10px -40px; }
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        .jssora05l.jssora05ldn { background-position: -250px -40px; }
        .jssora05r.jssora05rdn { background-position: -310px -40px; }
        .jssora05l.jssora05lds { background-position: -10px -40px; opacity: .3; pointer-events: none; }
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                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/1.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">Installation of the WEAVE corrector into the central can</div>
                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/2.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">Removal of the WEAVE dummy corrector from the central can</div>
                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/3.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">Installation of the WEAVE spectrograph into GHRIL</div>
                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/4.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">The WEAVE prime focus assembly mounted on the telescope</div>
                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/5.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">Configuring the spectrogrpah in GHRIL</div>
                <img data-u="image" src="https://www.ing.iac.es/weave/images/carousel/6.jpg" />
                <div data-u="thumb">The high-resolution VPH grating being installed in the spectrograph</div>
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<table border="0" align="center" width="1000">
		<td width="1%">
		<td width="89%" style="text-align:justify">
		WEAVE (WHT Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer) is a new multi-object survey spectrograph for the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, on La Palma in the Canary Islands. It will allow astronomers to take optical spectra of up to ~1000 targets over a two-degree field of view in a single exposure (MOS), or to carry out integral-field spectroscopy using 20 deployable mini integral-field units (mIFUs) or one large fixed integral-field unit (LIFU). WEAVE's fibre-fed spectrograph comprises two arms, one optimised for the blue and one for the red, and offers two possible spectroscopic resolutions, 5000 and 20,000. 
		<td width="1%">




 Please email any enquiries to the  WEAVE Project Support Office.