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Engineering Team



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Project Executive

Gavin DaltonPrincipal InvestigatorSTFC (RAL)Project Executive
José Alfonso López AguerriNational co-PIIACProject Executive
Piercarlo BonifacioNational co-PIGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Project Executive
Scott TragerProject Scientist, National co-PIUniversity of GroningenProject Executive
Don Carlos AbramsProject ManagerINGProject Executive
Antonella VallenariNational PIINAFProject Executive
Esperanza CarrascoNational PIINAOEProject Executive

Support to Executive
   Kevin MiddletonSystems

Chris BennInstrument ScientistING

Georgia Bishop
Georgia BishopSystem EngineerSTFC (RAL)

Kevin MiddletonDeputy
System EngineerSTFC (RAL)
 Lourdes González

Juan José HerreraProject Support Office ManagerING
 Johan PragtDeputy Project ManagerGEPI (Observatoire de Paris) 

Shoko JinDeputy Project Scientist

University of Oxford / University of Groningen


Instrument Scientist Group

Cecilia FariñaOISMTING
Lilian DomínguezOISMTING

Fibre Positioner System

Ian LewisSystem Manager/WPMUniversity of OxfordFibre Positioner
Andy Ridings Work Package ManagerINGNon-science detectors
David TerrettWork Package ManagerSTFC (RAL)Fibre Positioner (software)
Ellen SchalligTeam Member
University of Oxford
NOVA (ASTRON)Fibre Positioner
Gavin DaltonPrincipal InvestigatorSTFC (RAL)Project Executive
Jürg ReyWork Package ManagerINGSafety, Infrastructure
Kevin DeeWork Package ManagerINGHandling Equipment
Matthew BrockTeam MemberUniversity of OxfordPOS Lead Mechanical Designer 
Roberto MartínezTeam MemberINGA&G Camera Support
Sarah Hughes (PhD Student)Team MemberUniversity of OxfordFibre Positioner
Scott Trager 
Instrument Scientist
Work Package ManagerNOVA (
University of Groningen)Large IFU

Fibre System

Shan MignotSystem Manager/WPMGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Fibres
David HorvilleTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Optics
Elisabetta CaffauTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Test data processing
Ellen SchalligTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)LIFU assembly
Gilles FasolaTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Optical testing
Johan PragtTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)LIFU mechanical engineer
Marc VerheijenTeam MemberUniversity of GroningenmIFU design
Pascal JagourelTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Team management
Philippe LaporteTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Optical testing
Piercarlo BonifacioTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Project management and data processing
Rik ter HorstTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)LIFU and mIFU design
Stéphane DorentTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Metrology
Scott TragerWork Package Manager NOVA (
University of Groningen)mIFU WP manager
Youssef YounesTeam MemberGEPI (Observatoire de Paris)Mechanical design
    Kevin Dee

Two-degree Prime Focus

Emilie LhomeSystem Manager/WPMINGPrime Focus Corrector
Emilie Lhome
Kevin DeeWork Package ManagerING
PFC Optics Procurement
Prime Focus Corrector
Jose Alonso BurgalTeam MemberIACMechanical Engineer
José Miguel DelgadoWork Package ManagerIAC

IAC Control Software & Hardware

José Miguel HerrerosTeam MemberIAC

IAC Project Manager

Neil O'MahoneyTeam MemberINGOptics
Tibor AgocsTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)PFC Optical Design
Szigfrid FarkasTeam MemberKonkolyMechanical Engineer    

WEAVE Observatory Control System

Sergio PicóSystem ManagerINGSoftware
Andrea BaruffoloWork Package ManagerINAFObservatory Control System
Bernardo SalasnichTeam MemberINAFObservatory Control System
Carlos MartínTeam MemberINGControl Systems
Chris MottramTeam MemberLJMUDetector readout (software)
David TerrettWork Package ManagerSTFC (RAL)Fibre Positioner (software)
Diego CanoWork Package ManagerINGControl Systems
Emanuel GaftonTeam MemberINGObservatory Control System
Frank Gribbin
Work Package Manager
Team MemberINGTCS upgrades
Huw MorrisTeam MemberSTFC (RAL)Scheduler developer
Iain SteeleWork Package ManagerLJMUSci. Detectors, Calibration and QL softw.
José Miguel DelgadoTeam MemberIACControl system electronics
Jose Miguel HerrerosWork Package ManagerIACControl system electronics
Steve GuestTeam MemberSTFC (RAL)Scheduler developer
    Johan Pragt

Spectrograph System

Remko StuikSystem Manager NOVA (
Leiden Observatory)Spectrograph
Andrea BiancoTeam MemberINAFVPH Gratings
Chris MottramTeam MemberLJMUDetector readout (software)
Eddy Elswijk Team MemberNOVA (ASTRON)MAIV and quality engineer
Ellen SchalligTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)Support engineer
Esperanza CarrascoTeam MemberINAOEOptical Engineer
Iain SteeleWork Package ManagerLJMUSci. Detectors, Calibration and QL softw.
Ian ToshWork Package ManagerSTFC (RAL)Spectrograph Optics
Jan Kragt Team MemberNOVA (ASTRON)Spectrograph (mechanical)
Menno SchuilTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)Mechanical production
Niels TrompTeam MemberNOVA (ASTRON)Mechanical Design
Ramón NavarroWork Package ManagerNOVA (ASTRON)Spectrograph
Remko Stuik 
Johan PragtTeam MemberNOVA (
Leiden Observatory
ASTRON)Spectrograph System
Roberto MartínezTeam MemberINGCamera Support
Scott TragerTeam MemberUniversity of GroningenNL PI
Stuart Bates Team MemberLJMUScience Detectors (mechanical)

Core Processing System

Nicholas WaltonSystem ManagerCASUData Analysis Management
Alireza MolaeinezhadTeam MemberCASUCPS Developer
Anaïs GonneauTeam MemberCASUQL Pipeline and all the associated testing
Clare WorleyTeam MemberCASUInterfaces with science users and with APS team
David MurphyTeam MemberCASUData Management
Jim Lewis
Francisco Paz ChinchónTeam MemberCASU
Lead developer
Developer for the CPS
Luis Peralta de Arriba
Jim LewisTeam MemberCASU
QL pipeline
Lead developer for the CPS
Mike IrwinWork Package ManagerCASUData Analysis, Management

WHT Support Facilities

Jürg ReySystem ManagerINGSafety, Infrastructure
Alan Chopping
David HernándezTeam MemberINGElectrical
Amado GuillénTeam MemberINGElectronics
David GonzálezTeam MemberINGMechanical
Diego CanoWork Package ManagerINGControl Systems
Kevin DeeWork Package ManagerINGHandling Equipment
Neil O'MahonyTeam MemberINGOptics
Raúl ConcepciónTeam MemberINGMechanical
Servando RodríguezTeam MemberINGMechanical

Advanced Processing System

Carlos AllendeSystem ManagerIACData Analysis Software
Alireza MolaeinezhadTeam MemberIACData Analysis Software
J. Alfonso Lopez AguerriTeam MemberIACES PI

WEAVE Archive System

Marcello Lodi
System Manager
Data Archive
Antonella VallenariTeam MemberINAFIT PI
Daniela BettoniTeam MemberINAFArchive Consultant
Marcello LodiSystem
Emilio MolinariWork Package ManagerTNGData Archive
Adrian Martin
Jose GuerraTeam MemberTNG
Software EngineerEmilio MolinariWork Package Manager
Data Archive
José San JuanTeam MemberTNG
Data ArchiveJose Guerra
Software Engineer
Nauzet HernandezTeam MemberTNG
Data Archive
Software Engineer