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WEAVE Systems


The WEAVE project consists of nine technical systems each of which is designed to deliver a specific functionality and provide appropriate interfaces to adjacent systems.  The following table contains links to the Confluence pages for these technical systems:


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System NameDescription
Two-degree Prime Focus SystemThis system consists of the Prime Focus Corrector which includes the ADC, the instrument rotator and the focussing mechanism.
Fibre Positioner SystemThis system consists of the pick-and-place fibre positioner and it's software, the tumbler, the large IFU head and part of the acquisition and guidance subsystem.  in addition to this, the Configure Tool is also part of this system.
Fibre SystemsThis system consists of the MOS fibres, the IFU fibres and the guide fibres
Spectrograph SystemThis system consists of the spectrograph and the science detectors.
Observatory Control System

This system consists of the software for controlling all aspects of the instrument, with the exception of the Fibre Positioner,  and automating the observations.

Core Processing SystemThis system consists of the quality control of the science data, the operational repository and full image processing and spectral extraction.
WHT support facilitiesThis system includes all the modifications that are required at the telescope to accept the instrument and calibration of the focal plane.
Advanced Processing SystemThis system consists of the software required to carry out high-level science analysis.
WEAVE Archive System Working Group This system consists of the data archive.