This page lists WEAVE meetings with publicy accessible links where appropriate.

WEAVE members may wish to consult the internal WEAVE meetings page for further information regarding specific meetings.


12-14 Feb 2020WEAVE SPA team meeting 10, La Palma
15-16 Jan 2020WEAVE Survey Readiness Review, Oxford
16-20 Sep 2019WEAVE Survey busy week 2019, Tenerife
16-18 Jul 2019Week of WEAVE 2019: Galactic Archaeology team meeting, Barcelona

3-5 Jul 2019

WEAVE SPA team meeting 9, Cambridge

1-3 Apr 2019

WEAVE-Apertif team meeting, Tenerife

29-30 Jan 2019

WEAVE SPA team meeting 8, Groningen
20-21 Sep 2018WEAVE Galactic Archaeology team meeting, Naples
17-20 Sep 2018WEAVE All-Hands Meeting 2018, Naples
2-3 Jul 2018WEAVE SPA team meeting 7, Cagliari
8-10 May 2018WEAVE-Apertif team meeting, Granada
30-31 Jan 2018WEAVE SPA team meeting 6, Tenerife
27 Nov – 1 Dec 2017Week of WEAVE 2017: Galactic Archaeology team meeting, Barcelona
1-3 Nov 2017WEAVE All-Hands Meeting 2017, Groningen
12-13 Jul 2017WEAVE-QSO team meeting, Marseille
29-30 Jun 2017WEAVE SPA team meeting 5, Cambridge
13-14 Jun 2017WEAVE SCIP team meeting, Alicante
19-21 Dec 2016WEAVE All-Hands Meeting 2016, Cambridge
2 Dec 2016SWG meeting, Leiden
28 Nov – 2 Dec 2016Week of WEAVE 2016: Galactic Archaeology team meeting, Leiden
10-11 Nov 2016WEAVE SPA team meeting 4, Groningen
11-12 May 2016WEAVE-Clusters team meeting, Groningen
28-29 Apr 2016WEAVE SPA team meeting, Santa Cruz de La Palma
16-17 Mar 2016WEAVE-LOFAR team meeting, Oxford
9-11 Mar 2016WEAVE-QSO team meeting, Teruel
8-9 Mar 2016WEAVE SCIP team meeting, Barcelona
4-5 Feb 2016WEAVE StePS team meeting, Bologna
27-28 Jan 2016WEAVE SPA team meeting 3, Cambridge
20-21 Jan 2016WEAVE Galactic Archaeology team meeting, Cambridge
27-29 May 2015WEAVE Science Planning meeting, Leiden

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