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Covid-19 procedures for visiting astronomers and contractors

Updated 2022 June 21st.


  • Removal of COVID-19 certification documents from the requirements for access to the telescope:
    • Certificate of a complete cycle of vaccination against COVID-19.
    • Certificate of a negative Covid-19 result
    • Certificate of recovery from COVID-19 during the last 6 months.


For reference, the following two links give updated status of government rules from the Canarian and Spanish Governments, which the Isaac Newton Group follows to a large extent: 


The Isaac Newton Group (ING) have maintained effective level of operation and development activities since late spring 2020. We maintain our focus and highest priority on the safety and well-being of staff, which can be effectively protected in the relative isolation of the observatory. We ask all prospective visiting astronomers and external contractors planning a visit to ING facilities to follow the guidelines given here (we remind visiting astronomers that it is necessary to follow the procedure described at our planning web pages, and in particular, to submit the ING bookings form in advance of the observations): 

Visitors (regardless origin):  The requirements for accessing to ING facilities are the following: 

  1. In the two days preceding the visit to ING, the visitor must sign and submit to ING Administration ( a declaration (EnglishSpanish, also linked below) that:
    1. They have not had covid-19 symptoms (fever, cough) in the past 8 days, and
    2. They have not had close contact with someone who is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  2. You must come with a provision of face masks for their use while at ING premises. A certified mask is required. Therefore we strongly recommend visitors to bring surgical masks. 
  3. You must at all times follow ING practices related to COVID-19 as instructed by their ING contact. 

These measures will go a long way towards preserving the safety of the observatory environment. We thank all potential visitors in advance for their patience.

Residencia services

Those visitors planning to use services at the ORM Residencia should additionally check Residencia COVID-19 information at: (English) (Spanish)

After your visit 

In the event that you test positive for COVID-19 in the two weeks after you left ING, we kindly ask you to notify ING Administration, to allow us to carry out appropriate tracing. 

Forms (Docs need to be downloaded for properly open).

Declaration of Responsibility COVID 19 (English)

Declaración Responsable COVID 19 (Español)

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