Green: current estimates of dates of future events.
Nov 2022Science observations start
Aug 2022First light on WEAVE. Commissioning starts
Mar 2021Red detector arrives at the WHT
Dec 2020Blue detector arrives at the WHT
Dec 2020Positioner arrives at the WHT
Sep 2020First light on the Prime Focus Corrector
Aug 2020Spectrograph arrives at the WHT
Jun 2020Prime Focus Corrector arrives at the WHT
Feb 2020LIFU completed
Feb 2020MOS fibres installation on Plate A
Mar 2019Rotator arrives at the WHT
Jun 2018Operational Rehearsal 3
Jan 2018SPA meeting 6
Jan 2018WEAVE rotator FDR
Jan 2018Prime Focus Corrector System top-level review
Nov 2017Corrector assembly FDR
Mar 2017OCS FDR
Jan 2016First component (handling trolley) arrives at the WHT
Mar 2015Conference: "Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Big Questions, Large Surveys and Wide Fields"
Apr 2014Blank for prime-focus corrector lens 1 is ordered
Mar 2014Science CCDs are ordered
Feb 2014First MOS fibre prototype
Jan 2014Final spectrograph optical design
Dec 2013GAIA launch
Nov 2013Five of the six prime-focus corrector blanks are ordered
Jul 2013Final prime-focus optical design
Mar 2013Preliminary design completion
Oct 2012Workshop: "La Palma and Calar Alto Observatories, Science in the Next Decade"
Dec 2011Science case delivery
Sep 2011Kick-off meeting
Mar 2010Workshop: "Science with the William Herschel Telescope 2010-2020"
Sep 2008Report by the European Telescope Strategic Review Committee of ASTRONET on "Europe's 2-4m Telescopes Over the Decade to 2020"


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